Thoughts of late-lateefs

Are you that person who’s perpetually late? The one whose friends and acquaintances have to call you half an hour before the decided time? If yes,then welcome to the gang!
Late-lateefs,are always fighting time,which inexplicably works different for us. No matter how hard we try,the inevitable always happens and we are always behind schedule.And then we are subjected to judgemental looks from friends ,colleagues and bosses.

These are few thoughts that goes on in the minds of perpetual late offenders……

  • Oh crap,not again!
  • Which excuse should I use today?
  • OMG! I just can’t think of an excuse.What to do? Should I Google?or ask friend?
  • Should I or should I not send a ‘sorry,I’m running late’ text?
  • Oh sh*t,they are angry.Should I lighten their mood by sending a funny gif or joke in the group?
  • Why do people always get in my way when I’m walking?And it’s always when I’m late!
  • What was the point of getting up so early when I am late for the meeting anyway?
  • This wouldn’t happened if I’d taken a shower last night!
  • What if they leave me behind with those weirdos? 

We, Late-lateefs always promise ourselves ‘This was last time’,next time I will show everyone,but in vain and keep saying what to do,”main dere karta nahi dere ho jati hai(sorry,it just happens)”!



Shinning example of determination

      Dr Glenn cunningham.

This is a true story about an athlete called Dr Glenn cunningham.

When in school,Glenn was responsible for turning on the heater every morning to warm the classroom.He did this before his classmates or any of the teachers came to school.

One day while turning on the heater,it caught fire and soon the whole school was on fire.When the teachers came,they dragged an unconscious Glenn and rushed to a nearby hospital.

From his bed, Glenn heard the doctor tell his mother that he would never be able to walk again as the fire had damaged his legs.Inspite of what doctor had said, Glenn was determined to walk.

After Glenn was discharged from the hospital ,his mother would massage his little legs everyday.But,there was no feeling ,control or motor ability in Glenn’s legs.On sunny days,his mother would wheel him out to the garden to get some fresh air.

                                 On one such day, instead of sitting there,Glenn threw himself from the chair.He then pulled himself across the grass ,dragging his legs behind him.He worked his way to the white picket fence bordering their house.Then he raised himself up on the fence and began dragging himself along it, all the time determined that he would walk.He started doing this everyday until he wore a smooth path all around the yard beside the fence.

Ultimately through his daily massages and his iron determination, he was first able to stand up,then to walk haltingly,then to walk by himself and ultimately to run.He was so happy that he began running to school just to enjoy the sheer pleasure of running.Later,when in college ,he was selected for the track team.

Still later in Madison Square Garden,Glenn,who was not expected to ever walk,ran the world’s fastest mile!

“Happy Makar Sankranti!”

Every 14th of January,people of India celebrate the festival of makar  sankranti to mark the transition of sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn(Makar rashi in hindi,hence name).The festival is celebrated by various names in different states of India such as Lohri by north Indians Hindus and Sikhs,Sankarat in central India,Magh Bihu by Assamees Hindu and pongal by Tamil Hindus.

Makar sankranti is celebrated with colourful decorations,singing,dancing,kite flying,bonfire,melas(fair),treats,sweets(til ke ladoo),gifts.

“Warm wishes for you and your family,may auspicious festival of ‘Makar Sankranti’ brings prosperity and happiness in your life!!”


I has many fond memories of my childhood.Here’s a single piece of my hilarious memories:-))


Hailing from a middle business class family we had a handful of servants to assist father in his business.Each one is unique in its way:-

#Arjun—-A towered deadheaded man most of the time wrapped in lungi(an outfit worn specially in southern India),perpetually mute but when opens not less than loudspeaker.

#Bauka—name given on his biological deficiency,deaf and dumb from birth,stumpy height yet with a smart merry face,high-spirited always in a attire of t-shirt and quarter pant . .

#Lal—A well-built muscular man often night drunker.

# Ghoska and #Mandal —Duo are brighter than earlier three!

It was an october sweaty festive month of east. Father commanded Bauka to go home and assist mother in cleaning house.The work was divided in each member of the house.I was given the task of watering plants on terrace @tender age of 9. I wanted to exempt because of the sun blazing outside overhead.Then I saw Bauka sitting in gallery.I ordered him to do my task.He took the bucket filled it with water from bathroom tap and headed to terrace.I was assured that my task would be done now and went to enjoy my comic.After 30 minutes I still found Bauka waggling.I went to check what actually he is doing!

Much to my surprise I saw that bull-headed rather than watering plants,he was pouring the same tapwater into the watertank kept on terrace struggling to fill up full.                          

Now that was silly and hysterical !!:-))


Today I got 4 stars in Mathmatics annual exams.That imprinted 4 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟were really sparkling Splendid Fervour! This pride feeling was quadrupled when my name was announced in the classroom by none other than my class teacher for neat and clean maths copy.                                                                                   Big round of applause from my classmates were elating me from inside and was giving experience of victory over world despite being only 9 year old and with present academic status of standard 3.                                                                                                       I was smart enough to notice the subdued but widespread jealousy behind the manipulative happier faces of my many of so called best friends.Suddenly I heard voice of one of my classmate Abhijeet,”I did it”.His expression was revealing that he has got the treasures of life and immediately we came to know that it was 4 stars, which he got in maths were the hidden treasures which he was able to unearth.                                                                         No sooner I realised that my joy of all applauds and stars were withering like falling dry leafs; perhaps I was also engulfed with the same invisible but actually existent jealousy ,with which my fellow friends were perceived by me, myself.While returning home I recalled my mother’s sayings that stars(teacher’s stars) are symbols of students improvements.                                                                                          The more one improves ,the more will be the allotted stars.But still I  was failing to convince myself  ,how that bulliest  boy becomes saint ,all in a day?                                                 HOW?                                                                        HOW??                                “Has he stopped speaking lie?  Nooo…..Never………….How could that habitual eater of lunch boxes of classmates ,fickleminded can get so much stars!”

                 Before pasting stars in his copy ,why hasn’t teacher’s stars got finished?,I muttered. Actually teacher ‘s stars never finishes…..I wonder from where teacher brings these stars—–those “NEVER ENDING STARS”!!!    

 With these perplexity  I returned home and saw my mother ,it again catalyzed my wings of excitement and with delighted face I put my reportcard infront of her and asked from where teacher brings so much stars and that  too with magical fragrance! She just smiled and patted on my back for the accumulated stars and got busy in her chores .                                                                                                                    With curious eyes I was looking  someone who can answer my queries, the same time I saw my brother Abhiveer,5 yr younger than me, playing with his car and tearing newspaper lying beside the bed of my father and I immediately dropped the idea of showing my stars to anybody as it was quite evident that the eyes of Abhiveer was looking for something new to be chewed or chopped.                                                                                       The last hope rested on my father who usually comes by 7.30 p.m.It was just 4.15 p.m and was eagerly waiting and requesting the needles of that round plate(clock) to be bit fast contrary to what I felt during exams.                                                                                                                                                                                    Finally the time came.Yes it’s 7.30 p.m.My patience paid,father arrived.Esctatically,  I showed him my reportcard and asked about the source of TEACHER’S MYSTERIOUS NEVERENDING STARS. Father laughed as if I cracked a joke,how WEIRD!  After dinner, he replied and clapped for my brilliant remarks .Again, I have to wait,nooo…. not again!I murmured. I wish, I could have all teacher’s stars!!                                                                                                                               Much to my surprise, I found myself in space with all the same #TEACHER’S #NEVERENDING STARS.                                     Astounded!Was it a dream? Yes it was. After dinner I forgot to ask and slept off.                                                       I DREAMED…..and DREAMED                 I DREAMED…………and DREAMED…..                                                           and here I am with my all time favourite dream pet “a flying autosaurus”(a kind of dinosaur).Seems together we took off for space.

It was all fun.I hopped off my autosaurus and started hopping on stars!Hop ,Hop,Hop……..I had mine and my younger brother school bag that I emptied so  I could collect as many stars as I could in these bags. My autosaurus was shrugging as I had forgotten to feed him his fruit smoothie this morning.(since he’s a plant eater he gets all his energy from fruit’s and vegetables).

Luckily, I kept an extra tank of it hanging from the saddle.”Here you go!”I said “feeding it”. Eat up! The autosaurus devoured in one gulp and then sped off.                            Together we started plucking stars from the dark sky as I am plucking flowers from plant and collected them in bag.It barely took 15 minutes to collect stars.                                                                                         When we finished I asked my autosaurus”,should we depart?”(But actually we don’t want to leave as we were enjoying the place).                                                                                                                                                      No pressure of doing homework,no mischievousness of my younger brother who always sticks his nose into everything of mine and destroying my books ,assignments.                                                                                         You see…I don’t like anyone’s interference while working!Yet,I  love his cute innocence smile ,always in a playful mood and now I am missing him!                                                                                                        We decided to return but before we head down I wanted to take that glowing“Sliver Lighted Chapatti”(according to my younger brother)—–THE MOON 🌚 for him. He gets delighted whenever he looks moon and insist for having it thinking it as a chappatti. And we used to calm him by saying that mother’s chappatti is more delicious ….let it be.                                                                                                                          I climbed into my saddle of autosaurus and asked him to move towards moon.l can hear the whirring of wings of dactyl in this peace.                                                           The moon was getting more brighter and more bigger as we are getting closer.What, “if there is no moon in the sky!….boomed in my head.

The night will become gloomy and scary forever.It’s the moon whose light is the only hope in creepy dark.Moreover, many creatures lives are dependent on moon.          No,noo…I shall’nt displace moon .I will rather get “Batasa (an Indian sweet prepared specially during Deepawali festival ) for brother telling him this is the same sliver Lighted Chapatti that used to glow in the sky.                                                                                      And if he wonder there is still one(moon)in the sky,I would say God made another one for someother kid like you.                                                                        I asked autosaurus to head back Earth as the sky started getting lighter and the moon started fading.I barely had time to grab the saddle as autosaurus hurried and sped off towards the Green Land(Earth) 🌍.                                                                               I opened my eyes satisfied lying on bed.I was dreaming ,quizzingly snatching my own scalp looked my younger brother sleeping next by me. What an ADVENTUROUS DREAM !!                                                            I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to stop in the middle of those twinkling stars!!                                                                                                                                                        


Friends,                                                                        You all are diamonds ,your words are gems! Let’s use the power of words to heal, to inspire,to empower,to strengthen,to spread love,happiness,peace.May together we contribute in creating a world of peace this year!                                                            WISH YOU  ALL A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!               


DEAR READERS,                                                                                 

                                                Christmas comes with a reminder of sending good wishes to all.As we fill ourselves with God’s light and love,the power of God’s love cleans our heart and mind we then become instruments to share God’s love to all and have only good wishes and good feelings  for our friends and families.                                                                                                                                                  May this Christmas fills your life with peace,purity,love and happiness!!!